Improve visual communication and safety within your facility

Create a Safer Visual Workplace Environment

Our team helps you improve your visual workplace by utilizing compliance, regulatory and best practices directives to improve employee safety and mitigate risk.

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A Manageable Approach to the Visual Workplace

From 100 years of experience with the Visual Workplace, we understand that improving your workplace is a large undertaking and have found a recipe for our client’s success. Our safety and operational practitioners take a programmatic approach to the visual workplace by providing the level of support necessary for your facility’s success, from assessing your workplace and identifying the visuals required to installing your visual cues.

Create Visual Change on Your Shop Floor

Our visual workplace solutions are customized to meet your facility’s needs.


Visual Workplace Assessment

A successful visual workplace helps employees understand safety and production requirements by providing visual cues. These cues can vary from NFPA and ANSI requirements to best practices and it can be hard to understand all of the requirements. Work with our visual experts to dedicate a project scope and they will assess your current visual state, create a clear plan for improvement and help you improve your visual workplace signage for Hazard Identification, Exit and Egress, First Aid Equipment Identification, Traffic Control and more.

Visual Workplace Production Services

One of the most difficult aspects of hosting a Kaizen, 5S or continuous improvement event is producing a large amount of visuals in a short period of time. During this service, our production specialist sets up your personal signage and production shop by bringing Brady printers, materials, tags and more to create visible change within your facility.

Visual Workplace Installation Services and Project Management

Now that you have the visuals you need to improve your workplace, the challenge is taking internal resources away from their normal jobs to install the visuals. It’s one of those projects that never seem to get off the back burner, even though it’s important. During our Visual Workplace Installation Services, we manage the installation of your workplace visuals while working with a third party expert. When combining our visual workplace expertise with dedicated installation experience, you can easily transform your workplace to fit your facility goals, while your internal resources can continue to focus on your everyday operations.

Improve Your Visual Workplace

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Are you sure you inspected it? The InspectNTrack™ advantage.

Inspections require you to successfully track, document and manage inspections and workflow. This is why our InspectNTrack software allows you to schedule, track and document inspection activity without the hassle of paper-based solutions.

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