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Confined Space Safety Solutions

We partner with you to address confined space safety issues and turn them into continued success.

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We’ve Been In Your Shoes

When it comes to confined space safety, our experts not only have the regulatory knowledge but, more importantly, have first-hand created and implemented programs and solutions. They understand that confined space safety is ensuring that each employee who enters a confined space returns home safely.

Proactively Address Your Confined Space Program

Our confined space solutions are made with you in mind and customized to your requirements.


Confined Space Inventory and Classification

Workers may need to perform jobs in confined spaces not designed for human occupancy. In order to provide safe entry, the hazards within these spaces must be identified and the space must be classified. We collaborate with your team and evaluate the number of confined spaces and hazards within these spaces (such as engulfment or atmospheric hazards). With this information, we can then properly classify them as permit or non-permit required spaces and provide you with a detailed confined space inventory.

Visual Confined Space Procedure Writing Services

Safety confined space entry depends on the level of assessment and classification, but with all the items on your employees plate, they need a point of use guide for safe confined space entry. Our team will author your confined space entry procedures and label your spaces in accordances to regulatory requirements to help your employees safely navigate perform work in.

Confined Space Procedure Audit

It’s hard to understand areas for improvement in your program when there has not been an issue or discrepancy. Let us evaluate both the compliance and behavioral application of your lockout to clearly identify any gaps and provide an action plan for improvement.

Custom Confined Space Training

Training is critical to program success and only works if employees can apply the training to their everyday work. With our training, we incorporate your custom program elements into the sessions, so your employees can go from classroom to on the floor application. Training includes: General Awareness Training, Attendant and Refresher Training.

Confined Space Safety Resources

Support for your Confined Space Safety Initiatives.


Confined Space Permit Request Example

See a Confined Space Permit Request completed in LINK360®.

Confined Space Permit Reclassification Example

View a Confined Reclassifcaiton Procedure Example completed in LINK360®.

Software for Your Confined Space Program

Manage your confined space information and workflow from your computer, tablets and smartphones.

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Streamline your workflow and easily create and manage visual confined space permit, procedures and more.

Confined Space Safety requires workflow management from entry procedures to confined space permitting. LINK360’s confined space center allows you to actively manage workflow by creating entry procedures, permits and tracking history for confined space permitting. This paperless workflow reduces ambiguity around your confined space processes.

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