Protect Your Employees from the Dangers of Arc Flash

Because Arc Flash Safety is Your Priority

With each Arc Flash solution we offer, we aim to help you bring the knowledge and activities of our engineers in-house to allow you to carry on the progress.

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The People Who Understand Your Arc Flash Concerns

As a leader in lockout tagout solutions, we understand the importance of electrical safety as a whole and have expanded our team to include licensed engineers who understand not only arc flash safety, but also the first hand impact of arc flash risk. We work with your team to best protect your employees based on your custom facility and program requirements.

Proactively Address Your Arc Flash Program

Our solutions take a proactive approach to Arc Flash safety from NFPA requirements to best practices.


Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Dedicating internal resources to complete your NFPA Arc Flash Risk Assessment can not only be time consuming, but requires an investment in software and the Arc Flash knowledge behind the assessment. One miscalculation can result in inaccurate PPE protection, non-compliance and even more time spent on rework. Our electrical engineer will complete your assessment, provide you with a detailed assessment report including your single line diagram and install the correct arc flash labels.

Arc Flash Audit

Changes made in your electrical systems add up over time and it can be hard to keep your assessments up to date. If you have not reviewed your assessment or study within the last 5 years, it is time to audit your Arc Flash Risk Assessment. Let our electrical engineer perform your arc flash audit and ensure your assessment is up to date and compliant.

Arc Flash Safety Training

Under NFPA 70E, qualified employees must be able to apply their Arc Flash Safety Training on the shop floor. Our Arc Flash Safety Training is a custom approach to training that incorporates both the NFPA regulation and your company-specific arc flash requirements to ensure participating employees will be able to apply their knowledge to your company-specific requirements and safely perform their maintenance and everyday workplace activities.

Arc Flash Resources

The tools and knowledge to protect your employees from Arc Flash safety risks


Brady Safety Arc Flash Risk Assessment Sample Report

See an example of Brady's Safety Arc Flash Risk Assessment Service Deliverable

Arc Flash Regulatory Summary

An Insider's Guide to NFPA 70E Requirements

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