Software designed to make safety programs simple

Brady Software

Software that provides streamlined, sustainable solutions for your everyday workplace needs.


A History in Software

We have been in the safety software world since the 1980’s. We began in printer software and as our clients’ business issues evolved, our goal was to take the tasks and data management that troubled safety programs most and move those into manageable workflows and eliminate paper-based processes. We were a pioneer in taking lockout tagout from paper to software.

Enabling Program Sustainability

You can invest time, capital and internal resources to help you reach your safety goal, but when there is not a sustainability tool in place, your program will end up where you started, leaving you to reinvest. Our software enables you to not only maintain, but improve upon your processes, documents and workflow to enable you to continuously improve your safety and workplace programs.

Supported by Safety

We’ve been in your shoes as operators, safety practitioners and engineers. We utilize this knowledge to support our software offerings and develop new offerings to integrate into your program and processes.

Available When and Where you Need it Most

Most work in a safety program does not happen in the office. It happens on the shop floor or in your workplace environment. In addition, the key to program success is visibility into your program from any location and any time. We employ cloud-based, web-based and mobile technology that allows you to take your program where you need it most from the device of your choice.

The next generation of safety software

Streamline visual workplace activities that keep your employees safe and keep you productive and compliant

Easily manage your visual procedures and activities around machine and equipment safety

LINK360 not only allows you to create visual procedures, but also enables document control and workflow management, procedural and process standardization and visibility into program progress and benchmarking.

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Streamline your inspections and eliminate paper-based logs

Ensure on-time inspections and simplify your inspection tracking within your facility all while improving inspection quality and accuracy.

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